what we do

Liverpool MTB is committed to the work we do within the local community, and that means getting our hands dirty! We have the mission to reduce knife crime and gang culture among the youth of the city and surrounding areas. We have two main projects which aid with this and details of these can be found below. 

Bike Maintenance

Liver Pedlaa Pool can provide local businesses, schools and youth centres catered for bike maintenance projects, these can range from 12 weeks onwards. We provide bikes for the youth to work on, tools and expert bike mechanics / role models. We currently are running projects across Merseyside working on intervention and giving the youth opportunities to acquire life skills, experience in bike workshops and good memories so that they able to progress in the future and even the industry. 

Mountain Bike Trips

Liver Pedlaa Pool have a number of fully qualified mountain trail leaders and first aiders that have years of experience on the U.K’s best mountain bike trails. We run regular MTB trips across the UK taking groups of at least 15 at a time. We can cater for big parties and youth clubs as well as our social media platforms.