Blaen Roberts – why i founded liver pedlaa pool

Cycling has always been a huge part of my life from riding them to fixing them, this was my motivation for finally setting up Liver Pedlaa Pool

Cycling is the largest growing pass time and interest, with more than 2 million people cycling every day here in the U.K, this number is just set to increase!

Liver Pedlaa Pool is the first of its kind and is an extremely fast-growing peaceful biking community.

I am bringing people of all ages together but mainly the youth through their passion or soon to be passion for cycling!

I have been taking groups out every Sunday since May 2018 and the numbers just keep growing, the largest ride had over 200 riders! Everyone loves it because there isn’t usually anything for them to do!

It gives them the chance to get out their areas and make new mates!

I believe bringing the youth together at an early age making friends from outside their schools and areas is a key role in giving them the opportunity to choose the right path in life! The number of stabbings and knife crime incidents here in Liverpool is just increasing with more and more awful tragedies! I believe by giving these young lads new role models and educating the youth on the seriousness and the consequences of carrying knives can only help prevent and lower knife crime rates in the future! I want the City to see that the so-called scallies can do good positive things! They want to be part of something beautiful yet radical and that’s why I want to help them!

My goal is to make a change here in Liverpool

I just need help in doing so.